On Football, Letters & Dog Treats...

All my U.S. friends recovered from the Super Bowl madness yesterday? I watched bits & pieces, but mostly just the second half. I learned to do that back when I was a regular Broncos fan, because that's how they played...behind most of the game, and then if they were going to pull out a win, they'd often do it in the fourth quarter. I gotta give props to the Ravens...even a 30 min. unscheduled break didn't throw them off their main goal, and they played a good game. Poe would be proud, methinks.

No, I don't generally watch much football (or any sports, for that matter). I used to, back when players stuck with teams for years, but it seems pointless to be a fan of a team where the roster is constantly changing. Hubby's not big on football either - he's more of a golf guy, so we tend to watch more golf than anything else.

Ever notice how nearly every popular sport is about a guy/guys trying to get a ball into some sort of hole/goal? Yeah.

Moving on...

I've been feeling guilty lately for not returning a couple of letters (we're talking handwritten, snail-mail letters) that I really should have returned weeks ago. Both my grandmother and my godmother sent me notes in birthday cards that really do require a reply. Unfortunately, aside from my time spent on the east coast as a kid (wherein I missed Montana so much I wrote my best friend at the time constantly), I've always sucked at written correspondence. I had a couple of pen pals as a youngster, and never could manage to keep them up for any length of time. A shame too - they were rather interesting people from all over the world. Of course now I meet and keep in contact with people online, which is a zillion times easier for some reason.

But neither of these particular relatives is online (shocking, I know)! So written communication is about the only way to go. I'd type them out (you know, so they don't need a secret decoder ring to decipher the words) but my printer at home isn't working at the moment. That could delay the whole thing even further. *sigh*

In any case, I really do need to get letters written and sent out to these ladies. I don't even keep stationary around any longer, but I do have some nice cards that will suffice just fine. At least my hands are stronger with all the crocheting I've been doing, so writing shouldn't be as painful as it sometimes is...amazing how many muscles handwriting actually requires!

I should have done that yesterday, I suppose, but I was too busy doing housework, getting the buttons finished for Mica's sweater (almost done!), and making dog treats. If you have dogs, or know dogs, and have a dehydrator (or an oven you can set really, really low), these work great:

1) Mix a can of pumpkin (just the small one) with about half cup of apple sauce. Spread it out on a sheet of parchment paper, not too thin & stick it in the dehydrator (or an oven at 135 degrees f or so). When it dehydrates down, it's like fruit leather/thin jerky...just tear it apart for the dogs. Big hit, that.

2) Slice up raw sweet potatoes fairly thick, stick them in the dehydrator. The ones I did are still in there today...but when they're done, they'll be like rawhide chews, only healthier! I think doing them in the oven would require slightly higher heat, just because I wouldn't want the whole oven running as long as I've had the dehydrator going (over 12 hours now). But I inherited the dehydrator, so I can see not wanting to spend the money

These are both insanely cheaper options to actually buying treats...and super easy, considering the actual work took about half an hour (and that's because I needed to clean my dehydrator trays first). As an added bonus, I now have an easy way to make Christmas gifts for the dogs in the family next year...

I didn't get any writing done this weekend, which is unfortunate. Saturday was a planned day off, but I'd hoped to get back to it Sunday, and it just didn't happen. I also didn't get back to my basement organizational project, or get any accounting done - bad and worse. It was just one of those weeks.

So this week, time to step it up again! Here's the to-do list:

- 1 scene for each serial draft
- Finish short story in progress
- Secret story project (?)
- Pay bills
- Business accounting
- Update web sites
- Finish Mica's sweater (just one or two belly bands left!
- Work on basket weave blanket
- Find cover art images for next release(s)
- Catch up Goodreads account
- Workout 3x

Lots to do, but it's my own fault for falling behind last week. Dang it.

Time to get busy! Here's hoping your week is as productive as I'd like mine to be...

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