The Dark Knight, Spring, & Gym No More

Where'd the weekend go? 

Oh right. Much busy-ness going on, but I helped a writer-colleague solve a problem, which took up most of Saturday, and then spent Sunday catching up on housework-type stuff. Saturday night was movie night, and we watched Premium Rush, an intense bike messenger adventure flick, and The Dark Knight Rises. I love Batman movies, and TDKR was long and completely engaging for the entire three hours. I loved it. It was truly (and I don't use the word lightly) an epic story/movie. Amazing. 

Incidentally, I nearly picked up the #1 issue of The Dark Knight comic book at Hastings, but considering how addictive the darn things are, I refrained. Of course that's not to say it won't happen eventually... 

I think everyone I know has spring fever because the weather's been so nice lately. Personally, I have mixed feelings. It's not that I don't like spring, but I feel like I haven't quite gotten a full winter's rest yet, and I'm not even close to being ready for yard work and outdoor chores & projects to demand my time yet. So I'm hoping for more snow and colder temps - just another month, and then I might be okay with nicer weather.

Although now that I've decided to cancel my gym membership, nicer weather might necessarily be a bad thing. The pool chemicals were killing my skin, which made me not want to go (and it's not like I have an overabundance of motivation in that arena anyways). It's actually far easier to look at the clock and head to the basement for a treadmill workout when I'm not "feeling it", or a video/total gym workout when I am than it is to get in the car and drive to the gym, rush through a workout and head back home. Of course in nicer weather, now that I don't own a dog that will immediately attack any other dogs that might rush us (or I think, anyways), I could potentially walk the dogs in the evenings. That would be good for all of us, provided the loose dog problem in our neighborhood has been solved. I wouldn't know - I haven't walked my dogs since the last time a loose one followed us home - it used to be really bad, and I couldn't risk my dogs or anyone else's getting hurt. But I'm willing to try again, I think...once, at least.

Last week was productive in the beginning, and trickled down to nearly comatose by Friday. I did spend a good 24 hours trying to figure out how to make my business accounting easier, and it took that long to figure out a workable solution. But I still haven't implemented it for a host of different reasons (none of them particularly good). So that will have to go back on this week's list, but at least I have a plan, which is better than where I started. 

I didn't even get half of my latest list done, which is a bummer since it was pretty short, relatively speaking. Some weeks are just like that, unfortunately. I should be back on track this week without much difficulty.

Optimism is good.

This week's list:

- 2 Serial scenes
- 2 scenes for short drafts
- 1 fantasy scene
- Start revisions for horror novella
- Accounting: data entry for 1-2 months per evening
- Cover art for 1 short story
- 3 workouts (2 strength, 1 cardio)

That seems like enough, I think. Here's to a nice, stable five days of productivity, eh?

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