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As you can see, I've been very busy not reading this week. I finished Tara's story (The Sweetest Thing) and started Run the Risk, and that's when things got totally crazy. 

Incidentally, The Sweetest Thing was every bit as good as the other Lucky Harbor novels, I enjoyed it very much.

Run the Risk is very intriguing - a romantic suspense that I bought on sale awhile back, and then when I was listening to audiobook samples, I saw it and tried it. I thought that the sample was pretty rough, though I liked the voice. But when I opened the ebook and started reading, I realized it was the writing that was rough - the audio just amplified it, unfortunately.

In any case, it smooths out towards the middle, though I'm still a bit confused about some jumpy plot points (and curious about others that seem...random). So I'm interested to see how it finally ends up.

Most of my time lately has been spent getting audiobooks produced, which I talked about on Monday's blog (scroll down), and getting a book ready to release on Friday for another BSB author. And that's the book I'll be reading next, because it's awesome, and I still haven't read the final version again yet! Coming Friday to an online retailer near you - Magical Misfire, by Carol R. Ward. Seriously, check it out. It's fantastic (and fantasy!).

I haven't had a chance to get back to Two Graves - it's print, and my "bedtime reading", and I haven't gotten to bed at a decent hour in nearly a week. Hopefully that will change soon as things slow back down to normal speed. I am kind of dying to see how Pendergast deals with this new and rather disturbing development. There are enough emotional issues involved in the first chapter alone to make a conference full of psychiatrists happy for years, and then there's the actual mystery to solve and lives to save. I really sort of wish I could read this sort of book more critically like so many writers complain about doing, but I have no idea how that works, since even when I try, I just get sucked into the story and forget all about any kind of de-structuring. Which is exactly what *should* happen...but it doesn't help me figure out how they do it so I can copy that. I suppose that's where going back and re-reading would be handy, but who has time for that? So many books to read, so few hours in the day...

No short stories (unless you consider listening to my own several times in various states of audiobook production, which I don't), no comic books...sigh. I've got a better plan in place for subsequent BSB releases, so it won't cut into my reading time quite so much.

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